True Warriors

In one sense I feel like comics have gone back in terms of diversity of characters. I remember that one of my favorite comics was New Warriors. The characters debuted in Thor # 411. They were a group of teenage heroes headed up by Night Thrasher who was an African American multi-millionaire. A lot of people looked at him as just Marvel’s Black Version of Batman. If you followed along with the characters you could find that he in fact was way more than a Sepia-toned Caped Crusader.

New Warriors2
A picture of my well-worn New Warriors: Beginnings trade paperback

What really got me was that you could have a legit super-team led by a black male and he was not a stereotype—he was intelligent, well-traveled and decisive. Unfortunately in the space of the big two, Marvel and DC you don’t see that now a days. Granted, the all-new Marvel comics will debut a diverse Avengers line-up but this is still months away. I think the problem is not just to throw in diversity for diversity’s sake but to also put in very layered characters from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. That’s something that Marvel did very well with New Warriors and it’s something that they would be wise to do again.

I am curious as to your thoughts.





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