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It was recently confirmed in the February issue of Empire Magazine that “Creed” director, Ryan Coogler, will be directing the upcoming Black Panther movie. That is Fantastic News! If you have not seen “Creed” I strongly recommend that you do, it is truly a great film. I think that Marvel getting such a promising upcoming director to helm the film shows that the studio is serious about quality. There is one scene in “Creed” where Adonis Creed is fighting one of his early opponents and it was beautifully shot, in one take no less!

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It’s sad that Ava Duvernay passed on the opportunity to direct this film but I am happy for Ryan Coogler. Mr. Coogler was asked about the importance of having someone of a similar gender or ethnic background as the main character of the movie and he said something pretty profound. He stated that the director could give a cultural perspective on that film character because they share a common trait. I think that’s very interesting, I don’t think that a Caucasian director couldn’t do a superb job on Black Panther, in fact they could. It would just be that extra nuance and truthfulness that a director of African ancestry could give to a film about an African King would make the film all the more better.

So, what do you think about Ryan Coogler being tapped to direct Black Panther? Do you think he’s the right person for the job or do you think they should’ve gotten someone else? Does it matter if the director of the Black Panther movie is black? Please sound off in the comment section.

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