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Of course I am talking about Miles Morales. Since his debut as the new Ultimate Spider-Man there has been a lot said about the character. He’s definitely developed a huge following. So much so that there was a big push to make him and not Peter Parker the next big screen iteration of Spider-Man.

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Now, I can understand how some may want this but also I can see how others may want to stick with good old Peter Parker. My only problem is that they want to go back to High School Peter Parker. To that I say….ENOUGH! C’mon the character has been around since 1962 with Amazing Fantasy number 15. He’s a grown man, let’s see him as such on the big screen. Granted, the Sam Raimi version of Spider-Man was the closest that we’ve seen of a big-screen adult Peter Parker but even then, he wasn’t fully realized. I want to see him married to Mary Jane and going though the struggles that come with a real life marriage and busting up Hobglobin’s face. If you think about it, most of the demographic that collects comics now is in that age range anyway. I understand that they want to get younger viewers but who actually has the disposable income to go to the movies in the first place?

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With Miles though, there’s an opportunity to cast a wider net in terms of audience. You can get a more racially diverse group as well as a younger audience while still keeping the older comic faithful fans. I think maybe a small-screen version of Miles on a Netflix or Hulu could be a great first step. In fact, with the success of Daredevil and others to come I think that this would be an excellent option. The only suggestion that I would make would be that Miles needs his own rogue’s gallery. As a fan of the Ultimate line I’ve seen that Brian Michael Bendis is pitting Miles against Peter’s own enemies or Hydra. He needs a wider range of villains unique to him. I think that will make him stand alone as unique character and not simply “The Black Spider-Man.”
That being said, I think that it’s time for a diverse group of heroes who aren’t portrayed as token side kicks or fodder for the bad guy to beat up on. I want fully realized, human and interesting characters of color represented in the print pages and on the big screen. That’s something I wish to do with my forthcoming novel. I’ll keep you all abreast as things develop. Take care.


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