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Prologue Two

June 3rd

CNN Headquarters

Atlanta, Georgia


“How are things on the ground in Lemalia, Giles?” Wolf Blitzer, anchor of “The Situation Room,” asks foreign correspondent Giles Woodbridge.

Reporting from Delohar via satellite, Woodbridge responds in his unapologetically thick British accent.

“The unrest here has been rampant since the assassination of the newly elected president, Mohann Aldessa of the moderate People’s National Democratic Party. His opponent, Emerante Legaud, seized power shortly after the assassination, claiming the presidency by default.”

“As I understand it, Legaud is a well-known hard-liner from the New Revolutionary Party.”

“That’s right Wolf. He has called for the expulsion, of all foreigners from the country as well as the immediate nationalization of all foreign and domestic business interests.”

“That’s a pretty bold step, considering that he wasn’t the one elected to office,” Blitzer retorts. “What’s been the U.N.’s response?”

“The United Nations Security Council ratified a resolution condemning the assassination,” Woodbridge replies. “The secretary general has issued a statement saying that the U.N. will not formally recognize Legaud’s presidency.”

“So what’s their next move?”

“It’s believed that economic sanctions will be levied against Lemalia.”

“Is that wise, considering the fact that Lemalia provides the bulk of Duritium to the global market?”

“It seems the Security Council has decided to take a harder line since Legaud’s rise to power, at least for now,” Woodbridge answers.

“From what we’ve gathered so far stateside,” Blitzer adds, “the White House has not released a statement concerning the recent turn of events in Lemalia.”






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