The Super Team You Deserve

What is the next step? Some of the original comic creators like Ditko, Lee, Kirby, Kane, Simon, Shuster, created characters of their era—mostly male, Caucasian, muscular characters. If they were creating characters in this generation I’m sure their creations may look a little different. What it means to be a an American superhero has changed. Heck, even look at the current Captain America–he changed from White Steve Rogers to Black Sam Wilson!

I know that there are some fans out there who are all about keeping faithful to the original source material. There was such an uproar about Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm in the most recent Fantastic Four movie. And I addressed this in an earlier post about race-changing certain characters in order to facilitate┬ádiversity. I don’t think that’s the only option for widening the appeal of current comic characters. It’s not about taking someone else’s piece of the pie, but about making the pie larger. I think that you have to have newer original characters of color who have a broad appeal. It doesn’t make sense to create a character or group of characters that ONLY appeal to one demographic. I personally would like to have characters, whether on the comicbook page or silver screen, who are diverse and appeal to multiple demographics. I believe that’s what companies like Milestone Media were trying to achieve.

I believe that I have the answer. Stay tuned to this page for the Super Team that you deserve, the Super Team of Tomorrow.