Putin the Power Ranger

It is amazing to me the hubris of some world leaders. I typically don’t talk about current political events but I think that something needs to be said about this. Russian President Vladimir Putin has inserted himself in the sad events in Syria. He went before the U.N. in late September to urge members of the UN to back Bashar Al-Assad in fighting the Islamic State or ISIL. Now we see the outcome of this, President Putin has sent jet fighters to prop up his buddy, Al-Assad as they take on ISIL. From non-Russian news outlets most of the targets hit were American-friendly Free Syrian rebels. So, I have to ask, “What is this guy’s problem?”

In the past we have seen Mr. Putin shut down protests against parliamentary elections in 2011 as well as those against his re-election in 2012. To him it seems that maintaining the state’s status quo is what’s necessary to maintain order. I think that is why he supports Assad’s regime so strongly. Order at any cost–despite the fact that this man brutalizes his own populace.

And to come to the aid of Assad, Putin springs into action like a Power Ranger.  

Just recently we also saw the two men showing a united front in Moscow with their obviously planned photo op.

I’ve wondered what if there was someone (or someones) who could stand up to this type of aggression without worrying about politics. Now understand me, I am not talking about endless war, but a counterbalance to oppression. People who aren’t afraid to do what’s right. A group of people who do the right thing despite whatever the politics of the days says. As Dr. Martin Luther King said in his Letter from Birmingham Jail,  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I explore this in my latest novel. More to come. Stay tuned.