Invisible (Super) Woman

I am a big fan of comics and genre material as you can very well tell, based on the fact that I have this blog. The pop culture atmosphere is changing such that genre material, like comics, is reaching more and people. With the success of movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it has never been a better time to be a fan boy (or girl). Now that these characters have bled into the mainstream consciousness there is something missing in these movies. Diversity.

Many internet outlets and You Tube channels such as Beyond the Trailer, IGN, Clevver movies; to name a few; have pointed out how male oriented these superhero films are. They consistently ask for more gender equity when it comes to superhero films. I totally agree with that assessment. People don’t  just simply eye candy superheroines, but fully realized and equally powerful female superheroes. It seems like they are trying to make strides with movies like the most recent Avengers movie having two women on the team. The only thing that is often missing in these discussions about the need for more female superheroes is a big glaring lack of minority female superheroes. Outside of Storm from the X-Men movies can you name one significant minority female superhero in the recent slate of comic book movies? Yeah, I’m hard pressed to come up with one as well.

Monica Rambeau, one of the other characters to carry the mantle of Captain Marvel. Image Courtesy of :

While I think that it is awesome that Marvel is planning on coming out with a Captain Marvel movie with a female lead, and DC is doing a Wonder Woman movie, I can’t help but think how many female fans of color are missing out on a reflection of themselves on the silver screen. And although the new Supergirl TV show at CBS this fall looks nice, I can’t help but think that it looks like Ally McBeal with tights. In an America where 17% of the population is Latino, 13% is African American, 1.2% is Native American, and 5.3% are Asian (according to U.S. Census estimates)  it is a shame that there are no (with exception of Storm) female superheroes of color on the silver screen. In a world, where Furious 7 is the highest grossing movie of 2015, with a cast that looks like a Benetton ad,there is simply no excuse for the lack of female superheroes of color.

Captain Universe. Image Courtesy of Google images.

That’s why it is well past time that a property is put out there with strong female superheroes of color who are not stereotypes but in fact strong, interesting individuals. I have a couple of characters in my new novel which fit that bill and I think that you’ll be impressed. Stay tuned.


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