Avengers Assemble….Again

Hi All,

So, I know by now everyone’s at least seen the second Avengers movie. In my opinion I think that the movie was excellent even though there have been mixed reviews on the film. I’ve heard complaints that there were too many characters (which there were) and that the plot was all over the place (which I disagree with). In essence I think the movie did a brilliant job of balancing the various storylines from the previous characters’ movies while still moving the team narrative forward. The only real problem I had was that it was too short. Yeah, I know that’s movie blasphemy but I think that this movie deserved a 3 hour run time. I think that the movie could have explored the depths of Ultron’s hatred toward his “father” Tony Stark. In the comics they explore this oedipal relationship pretty well with the “father” being Hank Pym and not Tony Stark.  Ultron could have been a little more menacing but I think that James Spader did a great job over all.

Avengers: Age of Ultron roster. Image courtesy of: Aceshowbiz.

Another thing that the movie could have explored more was the growing tension between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Even though they had (SPOILERS!) a brief fight in Avengers Tower, after Vision emerged from his casket everything was all hunky-dory. I know if I was in a fight like that I wouldn’t just forget it and act like things were were cool. Nah Jack, I want revenge! Maybe they’re just saving that for Captain America: Civil Ware. One other area of improvement could have been to at least reference Black Panther. They mentioned Wakanda but failed to acknowledge the ruler of that country.

Overall I think that this was an excellent movie. It wasn’t the same as the first movie but different in a good way. In closing, it looks like the movie is trying to address the common complaint that the team is lacking diversity.  The new team (MORE SPOILERS!) has two African Americans and two women.

The New Avengers MCU line-up. Image Courtesy of: Comic Vine.

I think that this is a start but even more can be done. The Avengers have a rich history of diverse characters including the new Captain Universe, who is an African American; Manifold; Monica Rambeau a.k.a. Spectrum a.k.a. Captain Marvel; Triathalon; Shang Chi; and of course Black Panther. Diversity works, look at Furious 7, it has made over a billion dollars worldwide and is in the top 10 of the highest grossing films of all time. This is a cast that reflects not just America but the world.

Image Courtesy of: Shortbox

Hopefully Kevin Feige and other movie execs will realize that if they portray a diverse cast onscreen (and Marvel has the characters) then they can rake in as much if not more cash than a less diverse one. I am writing a novel which addresses this very thing—a team of diverse, fully realize characters with amazing abilities and conflicted agendas. Be on the look out.